News Items

  • Registration for Grades 6/7/8 is open. The dates are set for the Regional and Masters 6/7/8 Math is Cool contests, see the competitions page. If you have teams in both grades 6 and 7/8, you will have to register separately. In Seattle, there will be multiple sites and all schools that wish to register, should do so at Mount Rainier. In Spokane, all schools will register for Mead High School. In each case, the regional director will divide the schools among the sites.
  • Annie Bouscal has retired. After many years being the voice of Math is Cool as well as registrar and treasurer, Annie has left "active" duty. Gregg Sampson (new phone: 425-243-7188) will be taking on the role of Registrar and Gina Petyuk, a long time volunteer from the Tri-Cities will be Treasurer. Please direct all future correspondence to them. See the contact page for details.
  • State Organization Change In order to support the additional sites offering Math is Cool, three regions were created (West, Central, and East) with several testing sites within each one. See the contact page for information on contacts for each contest. When registering, you will pick a site for which to test not a "region."
  • Change in Contest Scheduling Only the high school tests will be in the Fall with the Championships in October and Masters in November. These dates have been set and are on the Competitions page. The 6th grade contests will be combined with the 7/8 contests with the Championships in late Winter and Masters in the Spring. The 4th and 5th grade Championships will be separate with the Masters in May as usual.
  • 2017 Divisions The divisions are assigned according to how the schools have done in past competitions. New schools will be assigned to a division by the regional director. Details, along with the 2017-18 assignments can be found at 2017-18 Divisions.
  • Fees The registration fee for each team will now be $50 per team but there is no separate school fee. The registration fee for an individual remains at $15 each. Two alternates can be registered for no fee at each Championship contest for a school registering at least one team. See Fees.
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact someone!
  • If you find problems with the website please email the webmaster at