• How can I get one of those College Bowl buzzers?
    These are made for us by Michael Goering. The site address is: http://mgoeringvc.wixsite.com/mgcd/products
  • How many students are on a team?
    There are 4 students on a team. You are also allowed to bring a maximum of 2 alternates per grade level who take the Individual test and might be placed on an Alternate team if we need to form one to round out the numbers of teams.
  • How many teams can a school bring?
    A school can bring up to eight (six in Spokane) 4th grade teams, eight (six in Spokane) 5th grade teams, eight (six in Spokane) 6th grade teams, eight 7th grade teams, eight 8th grade teams, eight 9th/10th grade teams AND/OR eight 11th/12th grade teams.
  • Do I need to register my students as individuals and as a team?
    No, when registering as a team, all 4 team members are automatically registered to compete as individuals, as well as the 2 alternate students.
  • How are divisions determined?
    If a school has participated in the past, their performance at Championships is compared to other schools across all regions. Comparing the average ranking for up to the last four years, divisions are determined to try an make each division competitive. New schools are placed in a division by the regional director and uses the size of the school and whether it is has a gifted program.
  • Are alternates included in registering/competing at Masters competitions?
    There are no alternates at Masters, but it is a good idea to have one or two "in the wings" in case someone gets sick or can't attend at the last minute.
  • Can a student compete at more than one grade level on a team?
    Any student may compete as an individual in their grade level or any higher grade; however, a student may compete as a team at one grade level only. This applies to both Championships and Masters.
  • How are the Masters qualifiers selected?
    Click here.
  • How and when do I pay?
    Your payment is due 2 weeks before the competition and becomes nonrefundable at that time. You may print an invoice from the website to submit for payment. Please make check payable to: Academics are Cool and submit to:
           Academics are Cool
           P. O. Box 2214
           Richland, WA  99352